Find Knowledgeable Tree Experts in Riverside, CA

Find Knowledgeable Tree Experts in Riverside, CA

Our team can handle your toughest stump removal job

Knowing what types of trees once inhabited your yard is crucial for stump removal. Some trees have thick, deep roots that need to be removed carefully to protect people and property. Noriega and Sons Tree Service Corp. has extensive tree knowledge and can remove any stump devaluing your yard. We’ll even clean up after ourselves and recover the ground to make it look like the stump was never there.

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Trust our seasoned professionals to remove your stumps safely

Noriega and Sons Tree Service can grind any stump in your yard. We prefer this method of stump removal because it:

  • Is environmentally friendly and cost-effective
  • Eliminates tripping hazards
  • Prevents termites and ants from taking up residence in your yard

Our team will remove your stumps in a timely manner so you can have more room to improve your landscape.

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