Grass Sod Installation in Riverside, CA

Grass Sod Installation in Riverside, CA

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What’s the secret to having a beautiful lawn year-round? Premium sod and help from Noriega and Sons Tree Service Corp. With our sod installation services, we can help you maintain a magazine-worthy lawn that’s free of bald spots and browning.

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Why choose fescue for your Riverside, CA property?

To maintain a lawn that look great year-round, you need to have healthy grass. The crew at Noriega and Sons uses only fescue when working on lawn care projects. Fescue is durable, easy to install and a breeze to maintain.

We’ll prepare the soil, spread finished compost and sand to improve drainage, level your lawn to avoid high and low spots, then lay the sod. You’ll have a lusciously green lawn in no time.

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